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Social Responsibility

We are operationalized toward corporate social responsibility based on our longstanding commitment to the workplace and to our community. We take extraordinary steps during our gummy manufacturing process to protect the environment and our surroundings.


Corporate social responsibility is a long-term commitment that will strengthen our manufacturing and competitiveness share in the gummy marketplace. Social responsibility enhances risk management, attracts talented employees, and solidifies our reputation within our community and on the world stage. That is why we take our commitment to our community and the world very serious.

Social Impact

We are committed to providing comfort, inspiration, and opportunity to people in our community through contributions and volunteerism. We believe in paying it forward and that is why we engage our community with respect and kindness.

We Care About Our Community

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Sweet Southern Trade is committed to conserving water resources during our gummy manufacturing process. We always seek for new ways to reduce greenhouse gas and our carbon footprint. Minimizing waste and protecting our planet is achievable as we operate and grow our businesses together.

Our Supply Chain

supply chain

We are committed to basic inalienable human rights in the workplace and elsewhere. Monitoring the safety and integrity of our working conditions is vitally important. We create safe products as we strive to reduce our environmental footprint of our supply chain.


Our mission is to help you make money selling high quality gummies


Our Vision is to bring only the finest manufactured gummies to the market in a clean and wholesome GMP facility.


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