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GMP Certified


GMP (Good manufacturing practice) for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance at Sweet Southern Trade.

We ensure our manufactured gummy products are safe for human consumption by using the highest GMP guidelines and best practices. We set the mark for global standards in our creations.

We keep a clean and hygienic manufacturing area.

We maintain controlled environmental conditions in order to prevent cross-contamination from adulterants and allergens.

We will ensure critical processes are validated to guarantee consistency and compliance with specifications.

We provide clear, unambiguous instructions and processes for our employees.

Our gummy machine operators are trained to carry out and GMP documented procedures.

We keep perfect records during manufacture to demonstrate the defined procedures and instructions were followed and that the quality of the candy was as expected.

We maintain Records of manufacture for each batch that can be traced.

We maintain a system for rapidly recalling any batch from sale or supply.

 We maintain the highest GMP standards in cleanliness.

These are just a few GMP practices we follow.


Our mission is to help you make money selling high quality gummies


Our Vision is to bring only the finest manufactured gummies to the market in a clean and wholesome GMP facility.


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